I never thought it would go this long between blog post, but I said from the beginning that my family will come first. We have been struggling for a few months with E, but are on our road to a happier and calmer life since we discovered some food intolerances. There were many times I wanted to write, but I was so overwhelmed with searching for ways to make E feel better; that there was no time for other things. Even my garden got planted almost a month later that I would have liked, but I know I will not regret taking time to spend with her.


What gardening looks like in my world……….I consider waking up at dawn so I could get about an hour of work in before E wakes up. But 5:30 comes and it sleeps so well at the moment so I sleep till I am awaken by E banging on her bedroom door. So, till I get the dogs, E and I fed, clean up the house, do some laundry and have a bit of playtime; its E’s naptime, most days she goes down at 10:30 and sleeps till around 1:30 so that will leave me with around 2-3 uninterrupted hours to do all that I planned to do in 12 hours, from planting, trimming, weeding and spraying. I work thru the hunger, thirst and sometimes rain to get done what I had plaIMG_6629.JPGnned before E wakes up.

If E sees me doing anything in the gardens she tries to imitate me; let’s be honest a toddler’s imitation of work is in no way like an adult actual doing something. E will see me trim a plant so she goes along stomping on the little pl
ants, I guess in her eyes she is trimming them. I plant a flower and here she come dragging a freshly planted flower across the patio. She sees me mulch then precedes to throw mulch EVERYWHERE, on her, the walks, the dogs and in the grass; anywhere but the flowerbed. I love that she is not afraid to get dirty and the fact that she loves anything to do with the outdoors, but there are some days we stay inside either because the weather is bad or we don’t have another 4 outfits to make it thru the day. The smartest decision I made for her, was that most of her summer wardrobe is in solids of black, navy and brown, hence no staining is noticeable! I have all these cute pastel colored outfits that I couldn’t wait to wear on her, but with all the gardens around here we stay with the dark colors choices. Even when we go to church she manages to find her way into the landscape there

Currently in my gardens ………..I am mulching and planning to redo the boundary line bed due to weeds that take over. I am working on researching the best solution for that area now and hope to have it redone by the fall, I am thinking pine trees, flowering trees and shrubbery and ferns to fill on the gaps. Also I am hinting pretty loudly to neighbor that I would appreciate his pile of topsoil off our property, it has been there for 4 years and we really didn’t care at the moment and we do get to use it when ever needed, but in order to complete my vision for the boundary bed it needs to go.

Dream Big All The Time, It Will Benefit You!

Let me know what you want to hear more about, I am hoping to do a biweekly post during this growing season to share with you what I am working on.


Till next time,