I was trying to post at least every two weeks, but out of these last two months there was only one week without a sick, teething baby, I have seen my share of snot, rashes and tantrums to last me awhile! :/  I have been in survival mode for a month now, so there was no post happening on this end. Thankfully I am caught up on life and school work for a few days so enjoy my recent experiment and flower arrangement.


I was always intrigued by the method of forcing blooms, I never took the time to try it until this year. I was outside cleaning up my yard and planning my picket fence area, YES!!! I am getting a picket fence and a larger garden area along with a more organized herb garden and back yard. I noticed the black pussy willow was almost blooming, so I had to cut a bouquet and added some forsythia twigs and took them in the house to see what happens. I also read somewhere that putting stems in water like this may force stems to start a root system so if I get lucky these will become bushes for that embankment area of my yard. The picture to the right shows the difference in these twigs in just a week, I will confess some of the forsythia twigs were dead so only three stems bloomed out of the five I cut.

Friends, Go clip those twigs and see what starts blooming!



For a colorful finish.……………….

A friend asked me to do a flower bouquet for her Grandma’s birthday so I took an early morning drive to Lancaster Central Market to see Rose at Rohrer’s Family Farm stand. If you need a few stems of flowers they are the people to see. I was able to created this beautiful bouquet with only 12 stems of flowers and greens.

I love going to market the coffee, flowers, coffee, oh did I mention the coffee? 🙂

While I was doing these projects, I remembered seeing beautiful glass bowls on Pinterest with tulips growing. Next week I want to start those. Stay tuned for that post….

Till Next Time,