I was recently self diagnosed with spring fever. How many of you are with me? I want to get out there and start digging in the soil, but the one year I did start gardening in February I froze so many cold crops. (cold crops can not take cold weather as their description may claim, lol) I have since learned my lesson; indoor gardening only until March.


This week I spent a day at the Pa Farm Show, and they had an actual greenhouse there filled with different plants. I could have spent so much time there and got lots of brochures to read, but before I got to them the smallest reader in this house soaked them with water. Which wasn’t a big deal but I wasn’t sure if the water came from the zippy cup or the toilet. So there went my stack of fun! While at the farm show we went thru the butterfly house. E was so impressed yet kinda fearful of these fluttery bugs. She liked watching them but if her hands got within reach she grabbed them and tried to smash them. 😦 We did manage to get one on her head for a pretty picture, she was not sure about this photo prop.


This warmer weather we are having these last two days is not making my spring fever better, so this morning I took all the basement plants outside, trimmed some of them and gave them a good soaking with the garden hose. Did you know you can kill your plants, by having them covered with dust and spider webs? They are air cleaners and imagine not cleaning your air filters. Since we have a wood stove in a basement the plants down there tend to get pretty dusty till spring finally rolls around, so every day we have above freezing, maybe more like above 40 degrees; I take them outside and give them a shower. I have this awesome gardening shelf in the basement that my plants love. In the fall before I composted my planters I took cuttings of all the coleus, begonias, bloodleaf, streptacarpella and purple heart. I put these cuttings in water until they had roots; then they got planted in soil. They thrived by the patio door, so much so that I had to cut another 6 inches off them. Trimming also forces the plant to get bushier which is the type of plants we often see at greenhouses. I have 54 plants of these plants that will be in my planters and flowerbeds come springtime. I was thinking of the money saved on plants but then realized, wait this means I can buy so much more……:)

The pictIMG_4309.JPGure to the left has closeups of the contents of my gardening shelf, the top is random house plants I am trying to get bigger as statement plants for the kitchen, the next two shelves are the cuttings I was talking about earlier and the last shelf has my succulent bowls, I have them pictured in my previous post about Succulents. So far E has left this shelf alone no plants have died because of her yet, but I have learned that the pretty pebbles in the succulent planters also make good teething toys. :/ I am still trying to get her to understand that they are not a toy and she may not put them in her mouth.

Till next time……