Since I was killing quite a bit of succulents, I was doing some research on what could be wrong. I came across so many mixed messages from soaking them, to misting them, to lightly watering them. To really test this method I decided to try it out on different plants. In the past month the ones I soaked the soil, DIED in a matter of weeks. The ones I spritzed a few times week did OK.  The ones I lightly watered in the shower, basically rinsing the plant, but only lightly watering the soil THRIVED. To clarify I have big bowls of succulents, so spritzing them was a challenge. I would set them in the shower and rinse them once a month again don’t over do it, for the weekly waterings I would spray them with a spritz bottle making sure the plant is dripping wet. Another thing I noticed that the succulents in the indirect light didn’t do well; they want warm, dry and sunny areas to thrive.



The latest rave and everyone’s favorite. I had succulents as our wedding favor 8 years ago. I asked my cousin whom I used to work for to start the plants for me from cuttings. I will say most people remembered our wedding favor (really how many wedding favors do you remember?), even years later I had people tell me how their plants from our wedding are growing. I always thought it was pretty neat and a great conversation starter.


Our deck is HOT and full sun all the plants I have tried died unless I watered them 5 times a day and who has time for that. Last year I have had enough, I decided no more flowers instead I purchased 20 succulents from a benefit sale and started 3 different pots from them. (There will be pictures of these in the summer.) They were beautiful all summer and I maybe watered them once a week. Yes, they are that awesome! The key to having nice succulents is letting them dry out and then water them a bit; don’t drown them! I have killed so many succulents by over watering or planting them in pretty pots with no drainage. Opps! So now I put them in pots with lots of other plants so they absorb the moisture quicker, or in pots with good drainage. Clay pots also work great because they keep the plants from drowning, the clay absorbs some of the water as well. I also purchased a succulent fertilizer at my local garden shop, I feed them once a month and I think the colors are brighter since I started doing this.



Cuttings are so easy to take from succulents all you need is a leaf and lay it on the soil maybe press it down in a bit and wait! That is it…. This works but may take awhile; if you want nice looking plants sooner pinch 1-2 inches off the plant ends and stick the stem in soil. This is my preferred method and I have success 100% of the time unless my pups or daughter destroys them. And lately that happens a lot, no matter how much I childproof she always manages to out smart it.


All summer long you have nice succulents growing outside and now it is getting cooler and the scare of frost in in the air, what to do with all the pretty succulents you have outside? This year I got a cheap bakers rack on craigslist and set it inside the patio door, it fits perfectly in front the unopening half of the patio door. To make it even more perfect our wood stove is 10 feet away so they get sunshine and lots of warmth. I realize not everyone has this option so the trick is to find the sunniest, warmest spot in your house and that is where your succulents will thrive. I have killed so many plants over the winter because I tried to put them in spots where they look pretty and so on, but soon realize they want sunshine and warmth just like humans do! I also water them even less since the wind and 80-90 degree sunshine isn’t drying them out. I water mine maybe once a month!  READ UPDATE AT THE BEGINNING OF POST. That’s only 5-6 waterings you have to do all winter that is if you take them inside from October to April.

Till next time…..